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    Quote Originally Posted by jstutz View Post
    So far my 64 (65 in May) makes me the dinosaur of this thread. And I've experimented with the Pre a lot. 35 patches, tried several themes, a couple of Doctors, lots of apps and using the Linux command line in WebOSQI. When I'm not skiing or golfing, I'm on this forum or otherwise playing or experimenting with my Pre. Oh, and occasionally folks expect me to fulfil my duties as Mayor (at which I dedicate most of my time). Love my Pre!
    At 59, I'm not too far behind you. But I've loved my Pre since 06/06/09 and I've patched and homebrewed it as soon as those capabilities were available. No themes so far -- it seems as if there are too many problems with removing themes. I also spend too much time on this forum when I am not volunteering for several organizations or pursuing my genealogy and quilting.
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    I'm 37 and all those bragging how small their first computer's hard drive was is absurd. My first comp didn't even have a hard drive. You all know what it was: a Commodore 64. I still have it actually.

    I know I ain't alone either.
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    Twenty five reporting in.

    In regards to my age groups grammar, we grew up with computers correcting us for seemingly everything. I constantly use Google to spell check words (although none in this post, so far...) I didn't realize how poor my grammar was until I started taking a foreign language in College. It was very difficult for me to relearn proper English while also learning Japanese, but learning the foreign language boosted my English grammar substantially. (Feel free in any thread to correct my grammar unless it's part of a sarcastic play on words).

    The first PC that I remember using with a purpose was a 486. I think the first PC I used was a TI-99. There were several PCs in between. I remember finding the right combination of buttons to open a text editor and shortly after discovered the print button with one of the PCs. I made pretty pictures (random text) for my parents they were more like :/
    I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
    Device history: *free feature Phone*x3 -> LG Rumor -> Palm Pre -> HTC Arrive (3days) -> Samsung Nexus S 4G (28 days) -> Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch -> Palm Pre -> Pre 3
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    Quote Originally Posted by w8aq View Post
    58 here. Damn. Beginning to feel old reading this thread.
    56 here. We are old.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Kernel View Post
    I'm 37 and all those bragging how small their first computer's hard drive was is absurd. My first comp didn't even have a hard drive. You all know what it was: a Commodore 64. I still have it actually.

    I know I ain't alone either.
    I'm 56 and a S/W Engineer by profession - I wrote my first code in 1971. Been through front panel switches, punch cards, paper tape, tape drives, disk packs, iron core memory, bubble memory, myriads of assembly languages, ARPANET, and so on. Hard to look at a Pre and remember what once was (and wasn't).

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    I'll be 40 in a couple months.

    I think if you're a reader your grammar and spelling are improved immensely. It also helps if your job requires proper grammar and spelling
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    Still 43 for a few months... ;-)
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    18 here..
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Yep, but now i'm depressed about 50. Look up there..its the last
    Actually it's the last two categories I'll be 49 for one more month. Ugh.
    Dave Cook | Fort Myers, Florida | Palm pre | Touchstone | Vaja iVolution Deco
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    19 here. I haven't really noticed a significant amount of bad grammar/spelling at the PC forums.
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    Get off of my lawn!!!

    (31 here )
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    48 Today
    don't feel a day over 45 tho
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    19. Turning 20 in a month. I'm getting so old.
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    oh what the hell,

    53, if you are under 30, go screw yourself, and get off my damm lawn!!! ;-) I hate you all.... no, really get off the damm lawn. ;-D I'm really just jealous...

    1st. computer - Digital Equipment corp. (DEC) "Robin" 64k w/ 4 - 5 1/4" floppies... running Select.

    Then, all things Amiga! ...from the A500 to the T4000 w/ Video Toaster! My favorite; the A1200, which I had hooked up to a 27inch Proton TV awesome graphics and sound! The old BBS's were great, GEnie, Delphi, CompUserve, ...running Amiga AutoPilot to download/upload BBS posts... you had to use your real names!!! 900 baud dial-up modems. I used to chat with Todd Rundgren on the old CompUserve Amiga forums...

    I wonder where they all went... I wonder where all the Palm folks will go?

    Palm - Amiga, sadly similar.

    But, as everyone said about the Amiga back then, "does it do what you want it / need it to?"... if yes, then use it and enjoy ...if not, move on.

    All those old computers all still work, BTW ...they live in the cellar... ;-)
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