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    I say keep reading, there are lots of good things said as well!! Plus, for every thing someone doesn't like...I always feel like there is a patch or solution for it. Also remember that like every 1st gen device and OS - its in continual development.

    I've had my Pixi for a month now, and things are better than fantastic! Plus, I've heard great things about the latest Pres coming out of the warehouse to Sprint - the build apparently has been much better! Hope you decide to get one, and enjoy!
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    wow, this is quite a debate.
    I think we can all agree on 1 thing.
    P*rn Rocks!
    ok on to topic. I think that aside from some negative posts this site has the most dedicated (obsessed) community out there. In this day that says a lot about a company.
    So if you can deal with some hardware issues (im sending this from my loaner pixi while I'm waiting for my 4th pre) I'd say go with palm. Not because I have any idea what yer lookin for, but because the WebOS can be whatever you need it to be and beyond with the help from these "dedicated" ppl.
    wow that was deep for me.
    good luck with whatever direction ya end up going.
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    Hahaha not that I didn't think of the possibility of this forum and our bug reports turning customers off before... but hey if you look at all the posts I made, most of them were negatives. Yet if you look at my avatar, I love my Pre very very much. There are headaches with every new system and if it wasn't for precentral and folks like us reporting problems they would never get fixed. And I can personally attest to the fact that Palm is fixing them after having had 2 Pres on Sprint and 2 on Verizon. Each new Pre is a little better than the last. Software issues are even easier to fix and Palm has come a long way in fixing them and introducing new features (can anyone say video camera??) since launch of Pre.

    So bottomline is: Don't let us discourage you from buying a Pre. If you go to any phone's forum you're going to see similar posts about that phone. As one of Palm's WyreNut very nicely put on Palm's forum:

    Keep this in mind when reading any internet forum - they are like a "hospital" for those who are having problems.

    If you go to any regular hospital, you'll find hundreds of people there who are sick or injured and not functioning correctly. All the millions of healthy folks with no problems have no reasons to check in and report "I'm fine!"...
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    Quote Originally Posted by benly52 View Post
    Seriously, I've been visiting the forum for the past 2 weeks, because I am eligible for an upgrade in Sprint next week. However, with all the threads about how bad palm is doing, how many bugs 1.4 has, how slow the OS is, how cheap the hardware is, how little apps the phone has... has really made me rethink my decision. I am slowly looking into the Blackberry Tour and the Hero now...

    I hope most of these threads are exaggerations. I have played with the PRE and Pixi in stores for atleast 5 hours each... and I didn't notice problems..
    get an EVO and tell me how it is!!

    Je fais ce que je veux avec mes cheveux!!! Sprint: Pre+ 2.1
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    Palm need to thank the precentral forums, since not a lot of people really us palms forums much since the last time i checked.I think we had more problem reports in our forum then palm has in theirs, why else would you think some of palm employees gather info in here
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    I felt the same way.... I was very cautious but after weeks of reading and several trips to the Verizon store I finally bought a Pre Plus. I must say so far I have not questioned that purchase. Switched from a Blackberry and could not be happier.
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