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    I've read some people saying that clocking your phone at 600mhz kills it in 6 months *** are you guys talking about???

    the motorola droid has the same exact processor that the palm pre has and its clocked at 600mhz, are you saying all motorola droids are going to die in 6 months?
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    Quote Originally Posted by number1pete
    The TI cortexA8 processor in your phones is rated to run at 600mhz but an early batch of processors were "bad" and degraded rapidly when set to 600mhz or higher. This caused Palm to down clock all the Pre's even though many people have a "good" processor that are more than capable of long term 600mhz use. This can be seen with the people that have tried scaling before. Some people's phone love it and never have one problem. Other people have problems such as random reboots and hangs when using a scaling patch.
    Something like that. Not my quote.
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    droid is clocked at 550mhz... but i agree with you 100% the processor should be fine at 600 mhz
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    Palm changed their mind. They run PDK apps at 600mhz. Soon the pre will just run at 600 mhz. Palm is baby stepping.

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