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    I did a search but didn't really find a solution to my prob...So here goes...

    I have had my Pre linked to my blue-tooth radio in the cars for months now. I was able to use my phone and also listen to Pandora & music i had on my Pre through my car speakers...(awesome), However....Yesterday, i received my replacement Pre (old one broke), and now i can sync my phone to the car radio, but i am unable to listen to music or Pandora through the blue-tooth stereo in the car.

    I don't think i did anything different when i synced my first Pre, and everything worked great. One thing i did notice though is that when i look at the blue-tooth options on the Pre, where it lists known devices, my car radio only shows the phone icon. Where as before it showed up with the phone icon along with a music icon/symbol.

    Any advice will be much appreciated...Thank You in Advance
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    have you tried removing it from your phone and vehicle and trying again? Also, try syncing with your radio on.
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    Make sure you have the latest WebOS ver. 1.4
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    I have noticed with my BT headphones that if I sit without anything playing from my phone it will disconnect the music icon and only show the phone. Maybe this is a similar problem.
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    Try resyncing again, as was suggested. I haven't personally had the problem yet, my BT headphones work fine every time, but my old Treo would sometimes switch to phone only.

    Do you have a second BT device on there as well, like a mono earbud thing?

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