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    I work at radioshack and i met a new field training t-mobile rep, we discuss current phones, and the new upcoming phone HTC HD2, he gave me all the low down and spec for it and was pretty impress. I went off to say that the Behold 2 and HD2 are good phone to update the old mytouch and moto cliq. he went on to say that this summer is going to be big with one more new phone coming to t-mobile. he did made me and my co workers play the guessing game and i simply just threw in Palm (beinga Pre user) and he quickly replied that contract was canceled for the big phone this summer. I was surprised to hear that and then the obvious guess came out....iphone.

    and it was correct, off the record the iphone is coming to t-mobile this summer or this year, it will have a new 4g connection that t-mobile is working on to provide specifically for the t-mobile iphone version. i cannot recall the connection type and ill dig in to see what is the name of the connection the new iphone will be using. this is a rumor to almost everyone that will read this, but for me this is something i do see coming. iphone will be going to t-mobile and a 4g type to be exact, palm's contract to t-mobile is no more since apple came into play. is it official no, but i do believe this is going to happen in the coming months and pretty much Palm for this year will be left into 3 carriers in the US.

    i just wanted to let everyone know of my experience, and in time we will find out if this is a load of bull or if its true.
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    just read on Engadget and they have a similar rumor posted.
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    I haven't gotten the chance to go read on engadget, I'll check and post a link

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