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    im trying to downgrade my pre software from 1.4 to the one before that but when i run webosdoctor it doesnt recognise that my pre is plugged into my usb drive and therefor i cant downgrade. does anybody know how to fix this??

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    try the link in my signature about bricked pre's it's the same basic process
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    Please note that Palm has now pulled all earlier versions of WebOSDr prior to OS1.4. What a mistake!!
    We can obtain any prior version from WebOSInternals: Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
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    Confirmed: they're gone.
    What a waste considering later versions do a crappy job at erasing everything.
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    WebOS Internals have never hosted any webOS Doctor files. To do so would be a copyright law violation.

    We have always provided (and continue to provide) links to the files on the Palm content delivery network (i.e. Palm servers, not ours).

    For some reason, all links to webOS Doctors earlier than 1.4.0 now give a 404 error on the Palm servers. As to why, no one I have spoken to knows.

    -- Rod
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    so wht should ppl do who want to downgrade now??
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    I also need version of webos dr for O2 (UK)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kriss2k6 View Post
    so wht should ppl do who want to downgrade now??
    Call Palm support.

    -- Rod
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    That's the thing, Palm doesn't want people running older versions of the OS anyway, hence the forced updates.

    If you want to erase everything, do a secure erase from the device.

    Though, for the record, I'd be very surprised if the old versions weren't on some P2P or torrent site or something somewhere.
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  11. #11 there a resolution for the webosdoctor 1.4 issue? I'm trying to fix a friend's pre and webosdoctor doesn't seem to be working in doctoring her phone. Thx.

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