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    - i installed some homebrew apps
    - restarted
    - the phone could not finish the loading process. it seemed like a loop, not a freeze

    - i reinstalled via webosdoctor
    webOS™ Doctor für Palm® Pre™ (p100ueu) - Build 162.148, webOS

    - the app catalog (or whatever programm does that) downloaded/re-installed my regular & homebrew apps.

    after that they worked fine, but when i updated to webOS 1.4 the apps disappeared from the menu and i was not able to
    reinstall them. it did not work via the app catalog or preware.

    do you have any advice on what i can do? please keep in mind that i dont want to lose my data!!

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp please
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    i just flat out cant install or update any of them.. i need help too. domanizer, could you send me a message if anyone helps you out, id like to know a fix for this as well. thanks!
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    try to redoctor to then create a new palm profile. let it do it's thing. when it reboots again in the new profile, do a FULL ERASE. make sure you do the full erase. when it comes back up use the fake profile you created that is blank to get back to your phone...
    Once that is done, doctor up to 1.4. then do another full erase and finally log in with your main profile.

    In order not to "lose" data, run the palm back up app AND back up your pics, music to your pc.

    If you have any questions pm me.

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