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    Many of you have been using LaunchPoint Speed Dial since its homebrew days, when it was know as LaunchPad. Many, in fact, are still using the homebrew version. Other than a Pixi related update, there was not a lot of new functionality in the app catalog version versus the homebrew version.

    We are now proud to announce the new release of LaunchPoint Speed Dial version 0.9.0, featuring group messaging launchpoints! You can now build launchpoints that allow you to message multiple recipients via email address, sms and instant messaging. If you install the "unlimited recipients" patch, you can even bypass the 20 recipient limit.

    LaunchPoint Speed Dial is available in the app catalog for $0.99.

    LaunchPoint Speed Dial - There's no faster way to dial, email, or text, period.
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    love this program, I have my first launcher page setup with all my favorite people that I call/email/SMS. Works very, very well. I say a roundup of quick dialer and it actually like the least, but I really believe I would not have a WebOS device without this GREAT program. Thanks keep up the good work
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    Very nice application. Thanks! I was surprised when I found that you couldn't create SMS groups on the Palm but this did the trick and was very simple to use.
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    One of my favorite apps! Thanks for the update. I just use preware to create another page and add all of my contacts via LaunchPoint and it makes calling people very nice. Group messaging is just the icing on the cake!

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