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  • Mom took my computer away so yes....

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  • I'm grounded and still can't use anything....(why are you posting then)

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    When i went on vacation i left my laptop at home since my Pre did everything i needed it to do out of town.
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    I use my laptop at home for casual web browsing never... Not since I got my Pre.
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    I bought a laptop, because of my pre. I need it to develop apps
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    My Pre doesn't replace the lapop...but it does get used much more often...I believe that "smartphones" in general will outpace usage of the laptop for many users in the future...
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    hmmm...let see...i just sold my xp tower a couple of months ago...i haven't connected my minimac since I moved it from the other room and my laptop is only used during the weekends to get my songs ready...soooo....i'm this close to call my pre my only laptop, and/or computer.....
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    should of been a "getting there" choice
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    If I could download music torrents, upload them to itunes and make a cd. Then we talking. My pre is way faster than my dying laptop. But could never replace it.

    Oh and if I could set a profile picture on facebook.
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    My laptop replaced my desktop; my net book replaced my laptop and, since I got my Pre on launch day, I can count, on one hand, the number of times I pulled my net book out of the case.
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