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    Palm Pre Plus updated to WebOS 1.4. I've been on 1.4 since I got it on March 2. I'm trying to discard messages in the Draft folder and am unable to do so. I have tried flicking them off screen and selecting Discard Message from the Menu, to no avail. I have restarted, but that makes no difference. Any help would be appreciated.


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    All right, I am a ninny. I discarded all drafts by flicking them off screen in the list view. enjoying WebOS but sometimes it is too simple for me. But I was unable to get drafts deleted by using the menu.


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    This is 2 years later and the Pixi Plus still has the same annoying problem. Thanks for the solution Bill.

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    not sure if the patch I wrote for emails will work on a pixi/pixi plus but it has the delete snd save confirmation in it.

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