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    Hi, all, Here are two different articles, on the possibility of Pre WiMAX! I hope they are correct about the next generation Pre! I have included the links as well, Take care, Jay


    Unthinkable - Android, 3D, Pink and Palm WiMAX – all rumored for CTIA

    Published by Walri on Wednesday, 17th March 2010
    Android, 3D, Pink and Palm WiMAX – all rumored for CTIA

    No sooner have we got over the excitement of Mobile World Congress, than the wireless world is on the catwalk again, at the CTIA Wireless show in Las Vegas next week. As in Barcelona, the event will not be primarily about handsets, but of course new phones are filling up most of the headlines - and rumour mills. So what goodies will come our way in Vegas?

    It’s pretty certain that Android will have a starring role. We expect to see new Google smartphones from Samsung, LG, ZTE, Acer, Dell and others, some US oriented reworks of products that appeared in Barcelona, some brand new. And Motorola should add to its increasingly full catalog, though its expected CTIA flagship, the Cliq XT, has already hit the shelves at T-Mobile. It is a marginal update of the existing Cliq, priced at $129.99 and still sporting an old OS release (1.5). By contrast, Moto should announce a more heavy duty member of the Cliq range next week, still focused on social networking but with release 2.1 of the OS and the latest iteration of the Motoblur user interface.

    Less certain, but more interesting to the rumor mill, is a possible new Android launch from Google itself, despite its struggles with Nexus One. The ‘Nexus Two’ is expected to be made by Motorola and be focused on RIM’s enterprise base, with a full Qwerty keyboard and similarities to the Motorola Droid.

    As for the other operating systems, Samsung is likely to put rather less emphasis on its own Bada platform than it did in Barcelona, given the north American love affair with Android.

    But the same will not be true of Microsoft, which unveiled Windows Phone 7 at Mobile World Congress, and will put the heavy guns behind it in Las Vegas. It could even unveil the long awaited – and still possibly mythical – ‘Pink’ handset with Verizon, to showcase the new OS and bring the Xbox and Zune media platforms into Windows Phone.

    Samsung may be quieter about bada, but it is reported to be planning to debut the first truly 3D handset, the W960, continuing its strategy of differentiating itself at the high end through screen technology and multimedia features, more than software. It is also vying with compatriot LG to be the first to market with a Windows Phone 7 handset, showing off the i8910HD at Microsoft’s Mix event this week.

    Another rumored, but possibly apocryphal, new phone is a ‘WiMAX Pre’ from Palm. Clearwire has promised a smartphone for its network around midyear, and while HTC is the obvious candidate to produce this – it already supplies Yota’s dual-mode WiMAX handset in Russia – Palm’s close ties to Sprint may also put it in the running. Such a move would at least give the beleaguered vendor one market to itself for a while, and the high powered WiMAX connection could be put to good use in the ‘personal hotspot’ feature incorporated into the Plus versions of Pre and Pixi.


    Does WiMax Matter In A Phone?
    By Jason Chen on March 18, 2010 at 8:50 AM

    Does WiMax Matter In A Phone? | Gizmodo Australia

    We already know 4G data is going to be good in getting massloads of data to your laptops on the go, but how good is it for phones? For example, is Sprint’s upcoming HTC WiMax phone going to be useful?

    AU: A US-centric post worth reading for the WiMAx info. -EH

    Yes and no. Mostly yes. Here are some reason why (and why not) WiMax will matter in the next year or so.

    No thanks, I’ll keep 4G to my laptop
    • Nothing uses that much data right now. Streaming music in Pandora works just fine in 3G, and you’re not going to be pulling down full-length movies to your phone, even if your connection supports it. Clip sites like YouTube work fairly decently over 3G, even if the quality needs to be downgraded a bit

    • Latency is the problem for mobile games, not bandwidth. And having a faster connection isn’t going to change the fact that your packets are limited by the time it takes to travel over the air to your phone, no matter whether you’re using 3G or 4G. So real-time gaming is difficult

    • Battery life is going to suffer. Having 3G on and pulling down data kills mobile phone life already, so imagine having a pipe that sucks down even more, faster

    • Coverage sucks right now. If you’re not in one of the major cities (and not even all major cities are currently covered), you have no WiMax coverage.

    Yes, more speed is always good
    • Not having to wait for browsing. If 4G deployment rolls out well, it’s going to be comparable to a Wi-Fi connection running over DSL. Actual broadband as most people know it, as opposed to 3G, which isn’t quite there yet.

    • A unifying standard across multiple carriers. Although WiMax might not be that standard, LTE might be, because Verizon and AT&T, the two larger cell providers, have picked it. T-Mobile has expressed interest as well, so theoretically an LTE 4G phone could work on three of the four carriers. That’s pretty good portability.

    • Hotspot! You can use 3G phones as hotspots now, like the Palm Pre Plus on Verizon, but to have a pipe that’s fat enough to sustain multiple devices with decent speeds on each is great. This definitely will drain your battery fast, but to have your laptop, your iPad, your Zune HD/iPod Touch all sucking off the same 4G-to-Wi-Fi connection will be so great

    • You’ll be able to have your gadgets under one subscription plan. If you hotspot everything over your 4G phone, which will be on you at all times, you’ll always have connectivity for everything you need.

    • Cloud services means data usage is getting even more important. Just because we don’t have the types of streaming video or cloud-based services for your phone now doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen in a year or two. Having the right data connection to support that is only going to get more important, not less

    The “yes” points outweigh the “no”, especially when you’re talking more than just in the next year. So does WiMax matter in a phone? It’s like being in 2004 and asking if 3G matters in a phone. The equipment is just now rolling out, and people are just starting to figure out what you can do with a fast connection. In a few years we’ll all realise how silly of a question this really was.

    And if you’re interested in this particular rumoured WiMax phone, coming to Sprint, it’s the HTC Supersonic Android phone.
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    that gizmodo article diesnt mention palm
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    it mentions it third under the yes section, mentions the hotspot
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    I still doubt we'll hear anything "special" from Palm at this point. They haven't had enough time to really put anything together.

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