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    I'd like to get your feedback on which app is better and why you think so. How are you using these apps?
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    Also, if others could review TouchConnect.

    Btw, I'm in a non-official country (Profile = DE) for TouchConnect, so would appreciate it if the developer or anybody else could send me the IPK (its a free app, so I'm pretty sure this is legal).
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    Check out

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    Thanks for the link but they did not mention Super Contacts.
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    i use super contacts plus and love it. very easy to set up. and i love being able to set up groups for sms and email. it is my most used app and the devs have updated it to make it even better. have not tried the others so i cant give a comparison
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    PhotoDialer works great for me. Fortunately I got it when it was free, but I believe it is a paid app now.
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    Launch point works great for what i need. Created a page just for contacts just go to launcher and click!

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