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    1st issue: upon installing update 1.4 pre ware does not wrk. ive followed instructions to resolve problem but my mac will not work with web doc...tried to download java but it only supports macs with 64 bit intel processors (xtra ****ed)..
    2nd issue: can no longer download from app catalog for some unknown reason...every-time i download or try to download an app, it fails....
    3rd issue...2updates ago my app mafia did this strange color rendering...the whole board is white and letters are orange cant see jack shhh!!! haven't played for months becuz of pretty far along in the game with millions of dollars but dont want to delete and start over... luv my pre but im not getting the best possible use out of it becuz of these issues...can anybody help with these issues plz im begging.....(i need a hug)
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    1) If you dont have the Mac to upgrade the software, take the phone to work or a friends and webdoctor it there.
    2) If you dont have a work PC or a friend then take it to Sprint or Verizon and they can doctor it for you.

    Once you do that, then come back and look at issue #2 and #3 that you posted.
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    Issue 3 contact Moblying and they should be able to do something. The same thing happened to all of my mobyling games but then they put out an update and now its fixed (for me anyway).

    By the way before you do that give me your screen name so I can steal your money!
    Phones in Family pre> pre> pre> Centro> Rant
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    lol will do...but b4 i fight i always bank my
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    you should have ended you title with "brought on by myself and no fault of palms"

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