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    ok, i have had my pre for six months now.. here is what my experience has been!!

    [B]BUILD QUALITY: if you frequent this forum often, it would lead you to believe that all pres are terribly built, i on the other hand have had not a single problem. this phone is proving just as durable as my motorola i580 flip phone i had prior to the pre. i use a hard plastic case and holster set up on my pre, and it gives it a real rugged feeling, and i feel i don't need to baby it.

    you will also hear complaints about the slider and keyboard.. first the slider, i use it all the time and my pre feels no different now than when i bought it. i have never carried it in the front pocket of my pants, and i think this is where people end up with problems.. 2 piece phones are not made for the side to side stress that puts on them, especially if you wear tight pants.. and i would think testing the pre for the so called "oreo" effect, is the main cause of it... the keyboard looks cramped at first sight, but even with my big fingers, i have no problem typing fast. the more you use it the easier it is.. i have also not had any problems with the keys

    WEB OSi came from a dumbphone and am not the most tech savvy person in the world, so at first i was intimidated by the pre.. well a couple hours after i bought it i had all my email accts synced, facebook and photobucket synced, all my contacts synced with google, my calendar linked to google, and to say the least i was impressed.. i also had downloaded a bunch of music, videos, and pictures and i soon realized that this was no ordinary phone, my laptop has become almost extinct. i have since downloaded some games, and they make for excellent time killers, and two apps out of the app catalog that have really helped me are super contacts, with which i not only have my most used contacts set up for one touch dialing, but also am able to set up groups for mass texting. the other is the teal speed launcher, where i have all of my most used apps set up for one touch launching. i can do most anything now with a swipe and one press. the memos app has replaced looking for a pen when i need to jot something down.. this os is so easy to use and does so much i would be lost without it.

    1.4 AND VIDEO: with new updates i always use the doctor to download them and have noticed none of the bugginess that some have reported. i love the blink notifications and how much faster everything runs.. the video was so simple, in a matter of minutes i had shot my first vid, edited it, set up a new account with youtube and uploaded my video to the web. the quality really surprised me.

    THE PHONE:i am with sprint and have been with them for over ten years. from the reps in the store to the folks in customer service, i have never had a bad experience. i am a truck driver and i drive all over the country, i hardly ever get dropped calls and between sprints coverage and bouncing off verizons towers, i always have coverage. the sound quality of the calls is awesome, i have had people remark about how clear i am, and i have never gotten those remarks before. i keep my recent calls list to a minimum and have no lag when opening the phone app, and no lag when dialing... i use a backbeat bluetooth for phone calls and listening to music and videos and the sound quality is amazing.

    all in all i could not be happier with my choice of phones. the palm pre is quite simply the most amazing experience i have ever had , and it just keeps getting better and better with each passing update. thank you palm for such a wonderful phone...
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    Thank you for sharing your experience, it's quite refreshing to hear from those who actually enjoy their Pre experience. I know that I am very happy with my choice and find myself relying on my Macbook less and less. I wish I could get an external keyboard for this baby like I had with my TX, that would be sweet.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    I agree, thanks for posting your pleasing experience. I to have had very little issues and am very pleased with my first gen. webos phone.

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