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    guy I know can only hear a caller when he is on speaker phone. Anyone else have this problem? Is there an easy fix?

    I tried searching, but search engine seems to be down.
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    You must have one of the first run Phones. There was an issue with the headphone jack. Take a set of headphones (ear buds) and dip the plug into some alcohol. Slide the plug in and out of the jack several times. Wipe the plug and repeat. If that does not cure it then you might want to take the phone in and have it swapped.
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    what the phone thinks headphomes are attached?
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    My Palm Pre is doing the same thing and its getting really annoying. One phone call it will be fine, and then the next phone call I'll have to have it on speaker or else I can't hear. The person on the other end of the call can always here me though. In addition it seems like the other person's voice has been cutting in and out a lot when it never did before. I stuck headphones in one time and I think it temporarily fixed it...I'll try it again with the alcohol also. Any other tips/suggestions/explanations?

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    aside from cleaning the headphone jack, resetting the phone sometimes works as well...

    soft reset: orange button + sym + r
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    this worked. Atleast for now.

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    I had this same issue with my Pre. I installed a headphone jack into the socket and it froze the phone into headset mode only. There are ways that are posted in the forums that can fix this problem at least temporarily. However I took my phone back to Sprint and they ordered me a replacement phone. It does not appear to be a refurb and works great. I did have the insurance on the phone so I was not charged anything for the replacement. I do not know if they would have charged me anyway.
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    This happens to me when i unplug the headphones without exiting music player remix first. To fix, I restart the musicplayer, plug them in, exit the program, unplug.

    The thread "stuck in headset mode" talks about the other variations of the problem.

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