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    I'm really new at all of this so i could use a little help. When i install free tether on my pre it doesn't show up in the launcher any suggestions ?
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    I had the same problem when installing mytether. Freetether coincided with mobile hotspot (sprint), but no longer works with 1.4. If you do a hard reset, i.e. hold down the power button and reset, it should appear. Freether (IP Forwarding) is still used with mytether. Works for me anyway.
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    I installed free tether while I had Mytether installed. I've since uninstalled Mytether and free tether works fine in 1.4 for me.
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    well i had mytether on and i did a webosdoctor to it to get a fresh start for freetether and mobile hotspot so there shouldnt be any remains of it and i did a hard restart and still it doesnt show
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    after the last webos update, i can't install preware to my new pre, what do i have to do to install it? do you know?
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    This it it

    #1 Put your device in Developer Mode
    #2 Run WebOS Quick Install
    #3 Click the third button on the right (Blue Down Arrow)
    #4 Choose WebOS Internals Feed (all) from the dropdown list at the top.
    #5 Select Package Manager Service from the list.
    #6 Select Preware from the list.
    #7 Click Download.
    #8 Click Close.
    #9 Click Install.
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