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    I got a warranty replacement for my pre from Sprint today, and not only is Pandora conspicuously missing from the list of apps it is retreiving for me, but I am also unable to find it in the App Catalog.

    Any insight?
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    did you do a search for it. What version webos are your running? I did a search and found Pandora radio.
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    might mean that an update is coming, i have noticed a few times with different apps that they take them off the catalog for a little while then put them back on with an updated version
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    it's there! Type pandora in the app store search.
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    I did search, but alas, I see now I am only on

    I suppose I can do the update while I'm at work. Hope my battery doesn't die.
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    That is probably the problem the latest Pandora only works with 1.4

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