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    I ran a search and it seems nobody caught this, but Websoup host Chris Hardwick and Alison Haislip gave a glowing review of the Palm Pre Plus on Gadget Pr0n yesterday. Chris called it definitely on par with the iPhone, Droid and Nexus One and Alison fondled it. It was the first 5/5 given to any product on Gadget Pr0n.

    You can find the full review on G4's website:
    Palm Pre Plus Review -
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    my mistake.
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    Nah, it's all good.. I think a 5/5 deserves to be bumped up to the front page here. Good news for Palm is good news for us all.
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    whats sad is that positive thread like this gets no attention in this forum but a negative one would have had 10 pages of comments on it by now.
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    well what more is there to say really? They're confirming what we already know about our handsets. Hooray, good news! Bad news usually comes with confirmations, and the obligatory "I'M OVERREACTING IN ALL CAPS!" and the "I joined today just to join in all the naysaying."

    But I have to say I posted a link to this video on my fb profile and my a buddy responded saying he didn't know it was on Verizon and went out today to get one since he hated his HTC Eris. So good news doesn't need to speak very much, but it does have its impact.
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    I was the one who created the other thread, and what I missed is that Palm already picked up on this yesterday, in their Facebook page...
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