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    So for those of you who use workout/running apps with their pres, what kind of case/carrying method do you use? I don't usually have pockets in my workout gear, and I'd be worried the pre would get wet/sweaty.

    I really want to work out with it though as some of the fitness apps seem to have great features. Any suggestions?
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    Hi, try a Tune Belt, which can be gotten on Tune Belt's website. I use it and it is comfortable and does not bang agaisnst you at the gym! It costs $22.95 here is the link to it:

    Take care, Jay
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    Here's an armband case for the Palm Pre:

    Palm Pre Neoprene Black Armband Carring Case
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    Here's another one made from Body Glove:

    Body Glove Armband For Palm - Palm Pre - Cases -
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    If you're in the U.S., you can get this from Target: Sportline Armband Music Holder : Target

    It's a bit snug on my Pre w/ the Seido extended battery and cover, but works exceptionally well for me.

    I'd imagine that it's probably a bit loose with the standard battery and back, but I don't know that for sure, as I've not tried it.
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    I normally have my Pre with me at all times when I am running unless it is pouring out.

    Indoors it just sits on the treadmill or bike, easy.

    Outdoor, in my pocket it does just fine. If I don't have pockets I normally have it in my hand switchinging it back and forth for my runs under an hour. For my runs 2+ hours I have a hydration belt that works great, it has a place for my water as well as a pocket for my Pre and a CC or cash. Personally I don't like armbands, they seem to get in the way for me.

    I did drop it a few times at first then I purchased the Zagg Shield, that is awesome.

    If I am worried about rain I put it in a snack baggy (not the full size sandwich ziptops)... the touch screen still works fine.

    As far as software, I tried one... it didn't work well at all... so I gave up and decided to use the power for music, sorry I can't help with that.
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    posted in another thread:
    I use DLO actionwrap armband for the ipod classic for my pre.

    the plastic front is really sticky if it comes in contact with the screen of the pre so i just invert it.

    i use smartrunner app

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