ok.. I searched everywhere and couldn't find an answer to this..

it happened after the daylight savings time change

so I have a bunch of events on my calendar. the daylight savings time moved all of them an hour ahead. I was able to fix this by just moving all of them an hour back.

but my "event reminders" keep resetting to "vibrate" no matter what I do! and it's ****ing me off that little "ding dong" sound from palm is not loud enough to alert me. so I use the ringtone option but every time I set a ringtone as the event reminder and swipe back. or exit out of the calendar app it resets back to "vibrate"

i've been late to school a few times because of this now.. and I don't know if it's a web OS 1.4 issue or a daylight savings issue.. but if there's anyone out there that can help me figure this out I would really appreciate it.