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    So has anybody thought about what this could mean? There has been many talks about this is going to be a win for palm. if apple gets the win. How will this help palm? would like to see what you guys think about that. What could we look forward to? Thanks in advance
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    I hope they don't win, it can't do anything but hurt everyone including Apple. I mean we all know that Apple stole stuff from the original PalmOS and they are themselfs aware of that. It would just take a step back in future developments.
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    It is likely to drag on for quite a long time, with probably some sort of settlement agreement down the road. I don't see Palm ultimately benefiting from this. They should just hope no one challenges them next, because their pockets aren't quite as deep.
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    The bigger worry is if Palm will still be around then. Palm's biggest problem is Palm.
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    'palms biggest problem is palm'
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    if apple wins and goes on to try their luck with other companies and sue palm then palm will counter sue apple and the iphone will no longer have a functioning os.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    The bigger worry is if Palm will still be around then. Palm's biggest problem is Palm.
    That's a valid point because in trying to understand this stuff then here's what I learned. Every major player has patents that a competitor wants and vice-versa. So instead of suing each other then they just cross-license their patents. Apple and Microsoft have done this for a while on the desktop and, if they aren't doing it already, Palm and Apple can do this on cellphones since I'm sure both sides borrowed heavily from each other. So in terms of our current Palm Pre then Palm has so many old patents that I think we have nothing to worry about.

    But here's the part that's interesting to me and could potentially be a big game changer. Cardfan is right. Palms biggest problem is Palm. Realistically Palm won't be able to compete so why wouldn't Google, Apple or Microsoft just acquire them? Not only can they strip the good thing out of the OS (multitasking) but they will also be owners of all those Palm patents and their leverage in the industry would be huge.
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    Palm is a pretty attractive company right now. They've pretty much got the sexiest catalog of smartphone patents making whoever acquires them bulletproof to any litigation and they're dirt cheap. Good Ol' Rube ain't goin' down without a fight though.

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