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    I've done some searching and I know I may have to root my phone (which I have not done).

    But is it possible to root my phone and still be able to backup all I need to backup w/o the use of my touchscreen?

    What different steps would I have to take to get this done?

    Thanks much.
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    I'm stuck at the point where I need to get the phone into "just charge" mode. Can I just leave it at that point? Can I just start using WebOS....

    I know to get into USB mode you do OPT, SYM, U at the same time.

    but what about "just charge"
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    okay so if I click the white button, that takes me into "just charge" mode.

    But now i"m getting an error of "not connected to device." from Quick Install. ***. i'm going bananas.
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    probably not in developer mode
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    thansk I just figured that out a minute ago! Will get back to it to see how it goes....
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    okay. so I got into developer mode.

    My developer mode shows the toggle as "on"

    However, I read somewhere that said sometimes it mistakenly says "on" when really the toggle is "off"

    So I suspect that the toggle is actually off and I have disable then re-enable it to do so.

    But now I'm S*** up a creek because to toggle teh switch, I need the touchscreen.

    Is there ANY way around this? ANY? Cuckoo.. cuckoo...

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