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    I noticed yesterday that several of my paid apps were "reset" with no known action on my part.

    - "Timepiece" returned to its default color and my alarm setting was gone.
    - "Youview" required me to login in as if I just purchased it
    - "Jogstats" lost my saved sessions and settings

    I've had these apps for some time and this is the first time this "default resets" has occurred. There may be more apps that have had this happen, but these are ones i use regularly.

    OOOHHHHH, I just thought of something. I first noticed this AFTER the Daylight Savings time change. I wonder of that caused it.

    Anyone else?
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    For the third time in about a week it seems all my apps will launch as if this is the first time I have launched them

    Paratrooper sends me to bootcamp, DR. Podder offers to import tech podcasts; tweeme has me connect with twitter again, ect.

    PDK apps are not affected. What could be causing this?
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    i had the same issue yesterday. All my progress on games were gone, preware acted like it was the first time I used it and i had to agree to the terms and conditions when I opened the app catalog.

    Thankfully I used the Save/Restore app to restore the data from apps that are supported, but not sure why it happened in the first place.
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    This is clearly a software issue and not a hardware one. This thread is in the wrong forum.

    Making a new one

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