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    Screen crack on Pre plus.
    Verizon sending me another one.
    How can I tell if it is a new unit or a refurb?

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    not sure if its the same as my sprint phone, but for me I do this:

    open dialpad app. dial ##786#. a screen pops up with manufacturing data. It has manufacture date, and a lot more info. If it has a recondition date ("recondate"), its a refurb. Also, it has the activation date where the phone was first activated. On mine that date is 6/6/2009. And it was sent to me on 12/20/09. so I know its a refurb. Lots of info in there.
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    Cool info! Found out my phones active date was 08/31/2009, and the recon date was 01/17/2010.

    And now it will be sent back in because it is still not working correctly.
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    The VZN phone code is #*#786# which is a little different than Sprint. I got a replacement phone a few weeks back and it was new at that point. You can tell as described above. My camera just broke so I am getting another one tomorrow. I am hoping it is new also. Good luck.
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    It's still ##786# for VZW.
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    are the verizon refurbs as bad as the sprint ones? I went through 5 before I got one without any problems.
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    there are two versions of the Pre.

    One has a crappy gummy keyboard and an off white pearly button.

    The revised version of the pre has a better keyboard and a silver button. These refined products are infitely better than the launch pres in my experience.

    Bell tried to give me a refurbed phone and pass it off as new. The thing was a piece of ****. Yellow burn marks, a bubble where the gesture area was, double keys and gummy squish to them.

    I got sent a brand new phone in box and with all new accessories and stuff via Bell due to my fourth pre. This one is great so far! It's reaaaaally good.

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