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    This problem seems to be a little different than the Daylight Savings issue others have posted about, so here goes.

    I've imported my calendar from Palm Desktop and my trusty 755P using CompanionLink. Events that have already happened seem to be at the right time, mostly, and several repeating events I have are at the right time. But, everything else seems to be ahead by an hour.

    My time zone is right on my PC, Google Calendar and on the Pre. It also seems odd that events that have already taken place seem to be at the right time, but future events are not.

    I've e-mailed CompanionLink to see if they have any ideas. This is definitely something happening between the Palm Desktop and Google Calendar; I deleted and resynched the calendar with the Pre offline and still had the problem, eliminating the possibility that the Pre was shifting the events.

    Any thoughts? This is a non-starter for me, unfortunately, since I rely on my device to manage my schedule, and if I don't have confidence events are at the right time, that's that. I have things scheduled months out and have no idea if they are at 2pm or 3pm. Help!

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    Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?
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    The same thing happened to me. I went into the settings of the Google Calendar and needed to correct the time zone I was in--for some reason it changed. I hope that helps.

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