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    My battery life has been pretty bad lately and got even worse after 1.4. I bought a new battery and that did not help. I want my phone to have a fresh start so I want to do a full erase from the device info page. Will this delete all my patches too? I'm wondering if its better just to doctor it. What do you guys recommend?

    Im also doing this because mytether has been running incredibly slow and I followed all the tips and nothing helped.
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    No it will not remove patches. My suggestion: Run EPR, backup all your stuff, do a full erease, and then doctor.
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    I ran the EPR and it still did not remove all the patches (did this before I upgraded to 1.4) .OK- I will do what you suggest. Thanks!
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    Oh is there a way of backing up text msgs without rooting?
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    the only way to get a true full erase is to doctor with 1.2. You can find it on the webosinternals website.

    After the 1.2 doctor, update to 1.4 or do a 1.4 doctor.

    they changed the way doctoring works after 1.2 so that it doesnt completely wipe all of your data.

    Let me know if this helps your battery life, cus mine has sucked pretty bad after 1.4 too, but I dont want to lose everything with a full erase. I actually think there are some bugs in 1.4 that are causing the battery drain. I'm hoping this is true. We'll see when 1.4.2 comes out.

    Good Luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnwashere View Post
    Oh is there a way of backing up text msgs without rooting?
    I'm pretty sure there is a way to do it with webos quickinstall. There is a long thread on here about that very topic. Do a search and you cant miss it.
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    OK. Yesterday I first backed up my data, then ran EPR, Did a full erase, Doctored to 1.2, then Doctored to 1.4. My multiple page patch is still on. My phone seems to normal battery life again! I havent started background running apps like WallPaper Switaroo and YouMail visual voicemail yet so those might have been causing the huge battery drainage.
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    Personally speaking, Switcharoo killed my battery life and caused a ton of memory leak.
    I loved the basic version (switching photos already on the phone), but had to delete it
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