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    I've always had what I consider to be better than average battery life with my Pre, but typically use it at home with GPS and data toggled off, only leaving WiFi on and the phone radio. I can sometimes go two days on a charge, sometimes it discharges much faster (doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason...)

    I took the family to Atlanta on Monday - our destination was downtown, so I used Sprint Navigation once I got to the outer loop (about 5 miles out...) We have a Ford Escape with Sync, so I have a powered USB port that I use to charge the Pre. I'm a smart-ish guy and know that GPS uses more battery juice, so I had it plugged in while we were navigating. We arrived at our destination to find a 100% battery drained to around 25% and a VERY hot Pre - even when it was plugged in and showing charging. Had to use it once we were finished to find Ikea (dang wife wanted to shop...) and that dropped the battery down to 5%. Total navigation time for both did not exceed 30 minutes (inclusive - not per use.) All of this while charging. Needless to say, after using navigation, I didn't have enough juice to do any more of the "smartphone" things that I need/use throughout the day - work email, twitter, etc.

    Yesterday, we went back (different destination, same general area.) I decided I'd rather have email throughout the day than know where I was going, so I only turned GPS on when I got lost. Used it for maybe 10 minutes (plugged up) and the battery didn't seem to drop at all. As a matter of fact, it was still around 30-40% when I got home, after pretty heavy data usage.

    So what could the deal have been? Why did it drop so fast when plugged in? Why didn't it do it yesterday? Why is it so flippin' inconsistent? I've been evaluating the place of the Pre in my life (considering trying Android or going back to Blackberry now that they have WiFi on the Curve...) and that incident didn't help the Pre's standing at all. If I could pin down what consistently causes battery drain, I could plan for it, but this thing just seems to do what it wants. Any ideas?
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    maybe a memory leak? usually if the phone gets hot i restart it right away and that corrects it
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    Well, you say that you only used GPS and no data for your trip there, but that is NOT true. Sprint NAV uses tons of data!!! The GPS does not in fact use any data and is fairly efficient. Try this out. There is a free app in the app catalog called "gps Dashboard free" that will show your speed, etc. Try running just this for a long trip instead of NAV, it will use a little more battery than idle, but not a whole lot.

    Sprint NAV uses data to get the maps, traffic, etc. That is the cause of your battery drain and heat, not the GPS. With the last several updates GPS has become almost a non-hitter on the battery. I have switched to leaving it on all the time and notice no measurable affect on battery drain.
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    yea, it's not the GPS, but the nav app downloading all the maps on the fly. None of that stuff is stored locally on the Pre, to have maps for all of North America stored locally would take most of the memory on the Pre
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    I use GPS multiple times a day for 15 - 20 minutes at a shot without plugging it in and all the bells and whistles activated and have never had the phone drain as fast as jickey is alluding to. The actual question is (or should be): Why did the battery drain at all when it was plugged into the onboard USB port in their Ford.
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    Can someone explain to me having their GPS on/off? I wouldn't imagine someone is running around all day with google maps or sprint nav running in the background. That would just be plain dumb. I have my location services setting (auto locate) set for on. The way the description reads the phone is only using GPS when an app/program needs it is running. So what is all this talk of having the GPS on or off?
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    I travel a lot and always using my Sprint Nav with my Pre sitting on a touchstone that I have mounted on my dash next to my steering wheel and connected to my car's stereo via a aux. jack. Connected this way my Pre stays at 100% and never gets hot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smashclash View Post
    Can someone explain to me having their GPS on/off? ... So what is all this talk of having the GPS on or off?
    What is meant by "GPS on/off" is in the Location Services app, the "Locate Me Using --> GPS" is check marked.

    In the "old days" of webOS, having this setting turned on meant that your Pre was always actively trying to acquire a GPS lock. Which did expend massive amounts of battery as you would travel to locations where there was weak or non-existent GPS signals.

    Today, I believe you are absolutely correct -- it will only attempt to get a GPS lock when an application asks for a location. I'm not sure what version this change came in, but leaving "GPS on" is no longer a hit on the battery.
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    The GPS isn't a hit as much on the battery anymore because WebOS kills apps after some really short amount of time .... I forget now... 15 seconds? 30?

    They are supposed to bump it back up to 60. Hope so. My foursquare has been acting funny lately.
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    I fully understand that Sprint Nav uses data, and in the specified location I can see that as being higher than normal data usage, even for Sprint Nav - it was the downtown area of a major city, after all. However, the question remains - why did it drain so quickly, and (perhaps more importantly) why did it drain at all when connected to power? It's that and the inconsistency of the battery drain that is really bugging me.

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