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    While I opted for the Pixi about 3 month ago, it was this forum that helped me make my decision. I was able to learn about webOS and the many hints for navigating and using webOS. I spent several hours playing with both phones and took up quite a bit of a helpful Sprint employee's time. I am thoroughly satisfied with my Pixi. Would I love the guts of a Pre? Sure. But I've had no real issues with my Pixi, other than living down the name!

    I haven't gotten into the homebrew stuff yet, but I will only because of the help that can be found here. I just wanted to send a thanks out for all the folks willing to share what they've learned. I'll try and contribute where I can. Thamks again. When webOS takes off it will be in large part because of P|C and you fine folks.
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    cool, nice letter of appreciation man, great job
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    +100 Nice letter... That's what the forums are about!
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    Welcome to the forums! My wife loves her Pixi, too.

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