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    Quote Originally Posted by mrtonk View Post
    I have a new Pre tomorrow, and am working proactively to deal with the expected battery life issues.

    I've seen some cradle chargers and extra battery bundles on eBay, as well as 1800mh extended batteries.

    Any experience? Touchstone is too expensive.

    I would put the links in, but it was I am too new to post them. :-) Check out eBay items "USB Charger Dock Cradle+OEM Battery for Palm Pre Plus" and "1800 mAh EXTENDED BATTERY Sprint Verizon PALM Pre Plus".
    I have the Siedio 2600mAh battery. Got it from AMazon for about $45. I also bought the Palm external battery charger so I can keep my original battery charged (and for using the Touch Stone in the car).

    The 2600mAh battery is have the price of the next larger battery, and I can easily go an entire weekend without a charge if I don't spend too much time using the mobile hot spot or streaming music. If I do a lot of those activities, I can still get more than 24 hours on that battery.

    The bigger battery also makes it easier to use the keyboard, too. This battery was just reviewed on the PreCentral main page a few days ago. Check out the review, and jump over to Amazon - which is where I've found it at the lowest price. They also have typically been the lowest price on the Touch Stone, too.

    Finally, there is someone on PreCentral (Jeff?) that will install the touchstone wiring from your standard battery cover into the extended battery cover if you decide to get the Touch Stone in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blz2 View Post
    Sorry the touchstone isn't a "must have" until it does USB mode wireless.
    Isn't that what WiFi and BlueTooth are for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Payne View Post
    Just got 2 Palm Pre's Yesterday
    u rock!!!
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