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    So I just was playing Super K.O. and noticed that Glu Mobile finally did something smart!! They switched the view to the opposite that the volume button (which was ALWAYS in my way!!) is on the top, instead of the bottom!
    I think this is how ALL the games should be. Just about every game I have always gets interrupted because I either hit the power button on top and turn it off ( my left hand) or the volume button covers half the screen because I accidentally hit it.. And, my right hand would always shrink the screen when I became a bit overzealous with the "action" buttons on the right side.

    Now I don't have that problem..

    Only thing is.. I haven't updated any of my games since I got them. Is Super K.O. the only game that's switched upside down (or correct side up, imo) or have the updates for the other games taken this into account?
    I know I can't be the only one who has issues with the volume button and the power button and the gesture area being in the way...

    Any thoughts? Did anyone have the same problems...and has anyone noticed any other game that is viewed in the same mode as Super K.O.? I like it a lot!! I hope all the games come out this way from now on!

    Thanks for your views...
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    I actually prefer it the other way, but yes it is the only game like that currently. I've never had an issue with the volume, power buttons, or gesture area. I guess when I first started playing the games on my Pre I just learned to avoid them. Playing Super K.O. Boxing 2 actually feels upside down
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    Wow! Ok...good to know. It's very possible that my hands are too big...or I'm just not used to playing on a handheld. After all, the only other handhelds I ever owned were the ones I had in the Third Grade...and made by Mattel Electronics!! Lol...I used to LOOOVE the basketball game and the baseball game. Didn't really care for football since I didn't have it.
    But,I do have problems where I get into the game...and bam! I end up screwing it up because the buttons are there. I'm surprised nobody has issues with the gesture area. It's very easy when you're tapping the "hit" buttons really fast and switching back and forth to accidentally slide your thumb, thereby initiating the "shrink" aspect of the gesture area. I mean...this happens to me quite often..

    As far as I'm concerned, if they are not going to utilize the keyboard in any games...well,then, it doesn't make any difference which direction the game is in.. What would be nice is if the accelerometer worked with the game so that if you turn it upside down, it would perform in the mode. Of course, that's not even remotely possible. But,I wouldn't mind an option to have the game rightside up or upside down...or you know what I mean, right? That way everyone would be satisfied. I find it hard to believe that I'm the only one having this problem. Of course, I don't suppose many people have as many games either, since most owners are in the mid to late 30s and above...
    Hell..I'm 40 and I've surprised myself in how much I've enjoyed playing these games... I haven't played games since I owned a Sega Genesis in the early 90s! Lol

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