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    a theme..
    I recently swapped pres with a friend. My friends pre that I was goin onto had themes and patches installed onto it. When sprint did the swap it did an erase on the phone. Now I'm stuck with partial of the iphone theme still installed but in preware it says in not installed.
    here's the thing.. Will I ruin my phone if I install another theme to get rid of the one already on the phone which preware is not recognizing?
    I hope it's safe cuz I want my own theme
    thx ppl!
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    you can try it out . you cant mess up the phone beyond repair unless you physically break the phone. the webos system can be fixed at any time with the webos doctor
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    dang. I have no computer and my friend lives like 30min away. Hmmm. Thanks tho.

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