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    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214 View Post
    Gmoney, I told you countless times not to get this phone way back in the beginning. You had nothing but attacks for me back then.

    Well look what we have here? A cracked pre without support from sprint.

    Sorry to hear this is inconveniencing you but I told you so back in the beginning.

    Get the hell away from the pre for a while until a device with quality hardware is produced from palm.

    I saw this stuff coming the moment I picked a pre up for the first time last year. Cheaply made and wouldn't last the 2 year contract.

    Along with getting my phone replaced today, I also took my Tundra in for the gas pedal recall. It's a terrific truck, and one minor problem isn't going to convince me that Toyota makes bad products.

    I would never do anything like the guys on here who claim to have exchanged phones 6 or 7 times, but I still love this phone. There's no better OS or form factor out there, period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xome1983 View Post
    Palm's issue as a company doesn't have anything to do with poor build quality it has everything to do with mind share.
    Exactly. My son's first iPod Touch (talk about a device that feels cheap when you pick it up...) crapped out the second week he had it. I've got an iBook in the garage that kept locking up and has duct-tape holding the batttey in because the retainer clip broke. I own two iPods with non-replaceable batteries that won't hold a charge anymore. I suppose I should avoid Apple products for their poor quality as well?
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    That's one more store than I would have gone. I would have given up after the first
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