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    It would be great if someone would create a car diagnostic app. I'm willing to pay $50 for it. I'm tired of the dealer robbing me at $100 a pop.
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    getting a dongle to tie into the computer would cost you more than it's worth..

    Autozone does it for free, or you can borrow the daig computer if you can afford the deposit..
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    Take your $50 and buy an OBD-II code reader, which will work by law on any US-spec 1997 and newer car or light truck. If you have a notebook, netbook, or extension cord to power a desktop computer, there are also a few PC-based OBD-II diagnostic packages with an interface cable that will probably be cheaper than your last dealer visit as well.

    If you want the same scanners that dealers use, each manufacturer uses their own proprietary scan tools, and they guard the protocols like Fort Knox. You'll sooner see WebOS run Internet Explorer than one of these proprietary protocols.....
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    If you have a harbor freight store near you you can pick up a scanner for about $37

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