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    So today as i was syncing my pre to itune , i only have 2gigs left i was shocked!!!!! i guess having over 500 songs, 200plus pictures and im going crazy with these apps,,,,,pre 2 needs to come out asap!!!

    Back to the question. I know i cant be the only one with a low disk space, How much do you have of free space
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    5.6 gigs available.
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    1.1 gigs available here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    5.6 gigs available.
    dam thats alot, what do store in your phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SISGO View Post
    1.1 gigs available here!
    i thought i was bad,,,,lol
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    6.5 gb left...need to put some music back on!
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    5.7 Gigs available. Have 27 downloaded apps plus 2 movies.
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    Almost 5 gigs.
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    How many gigs?! gigs?


    ...but, I'll pop in a 16g microSD into it, like I did with my Palm 650, 755p, and Centro... and I'll be good to go, right?

    wait. what? oh yeah, right. crap. ;-)

    I didn't want to buy any more apps, games, music, books, or anything, anyway....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seven_Speed View Post
    i thought i was bad,,,,lol
    jajaja I know... With 344 songs, 4 movies, 25 videos, like 40 apps and 3 games
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    6.1 gb
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    0.4 Gb... I have a lot of music :O.

    Once I upgrade to a VIP grooveshark account I'll probably take half my music off.
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    4 gigs, give or take. A bit more, last time I looked. 400 or so songs, probably going to do a swap tonight on those, three games, no other real apps, adding more as they come out.

    I'm used to 8 gigs from my old phone, and even less on my 650 without a whole lot of swapping cards.
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    I had zero left because I had a 51 part video series on how to speak french and a 90 part mp3 series. I also had the full movie of Ip Man. (definitely need to see that if you havent you can see it on youtube or torrent it.) After I installed preware I deleted a lot of that stuff so I have more room for patches. Now I have 1.8 Gigs left. Wish it had a microsd slot so I dont have to delete I can just pop in different cards.
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    I have 62 apps,,30 songs and still have 6.2 also have like 40 patches.
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    About 20 megs free. I've got 250 songs, plus 3.5GB of apps.
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    Yo, I have 5.1 GB left. I have 86 apps, 185 songs, 2 tv shows, and 15 video clips, and a *** load of pictures.
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    3.1 gigs
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