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    Ok, I am on my 5th Pre since launch, my wife is on her 4th, today her keyboard stopped working at all, everything else works but the keyboard. I did a full erase with no luck. I guess she is getting her 5th today.

    Man, I hope Palm realizes how devoted we are!


    So I went to the Sprint store to get it replaced, the technician took it and 10 minutes later he came out and told me it was fixed, I was surprised since I thought it was a hardware failure so I asked, what was the problem and how did you fix it. He said: I don't know what the problem was but pulling the battery out for 5 minutes fixes it, we have been getting all kind of strange issues and it is all because of the last Palm update and pulling the battery out fixes most of them. He said that Palm is working on an update fix and will be out very soon but he was really negative about 1.4.
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    Sigh- one of the many reasons I finally left Palm.

    I've had so many problems with cheap builds. Remember the 650's that the P key would get stuck? Hundreds of these issues. Quit using child / prison labor in China and this won't happen.
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    Take it right back for another one! all of this has to be getting logged into some db that Palm is looking at...

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