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    Hey everyone i just had a quick question for you all.
    So where i live i have full bars on sprint and my average connection speed on my phone is about 1.04 mps. According to and
    Now my friends blackberry with at&t gets about 3.1 mps!
    So my question is, does at&t really have that fast of a network or is my pre screwed up somehow?
    Thanks for the help
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    Sometimes I get 2 Mbps. But it usually hovers around 1.5 Mbps even with full bars.
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    Strangely enough, I'm getting less than 1Mbps even on Wi-Fi. Still trying to figure this one out...
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    hmm, i wonder if its our phones, or if its just sprints network, im gonna try out my friends hero the next time i see him and see what kinds of speeds he gets
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    The Blackberry might be on 7.2 HSDPA, which would explain the 3.1 mbps.

    Or if he is using Opera Mini he won't be getting an accurate reading because it uses a proxy.
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    He is using the new BB bold and its stock, he hasnt done any tweaking or anything like that.
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    Network limitation, common even to land broadband. GSM networks have a faster speed than EVDO. That said, depending on where you are, your data connection could be tossed around through a dozen connections, where your friend with the Blackberry might be hitting six with a low latency at the time he got that speed. Around here, I typically average 2mb/s average on EVDO, less if the network is congested. Wifi gives me my full rated speed of 3.3mb/s, but I have exactly one device on wifi, my Pre, and just one active computer on the network along with it. It slows down a touch when my mom comes online. You might be hooking into not only a different hotspot from the BB user, but one that's also got three times the connections going. Bandwidth split will give you lower speeds than he's got, just for that reason. Remember, 10mb/s on ten computers doesn't equal 10mb/s to each computer, it means, on an even split with identical computers doing exactly the same thing, 1mb/s to each computer.
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    i got 24.05 mps with the 800 patch lol
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