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    I've had my Sprint Pre since launch and am totally in love (although my wife is ready to leave me due to neglect). My wife got a Pixi on launch also and likes it but wishes she had a Pre. So about a month ago my sister asks me if I still love my phone which of course was a resounding yes! Her Verizon contract was about up and she was looking at the Droid. Between my recommendations and her friend getting the Droid and being very unhappy, my sister got a Pre. I saw her 2 weeks ago and was curious what she surprise she loves it. So who else can I get??? I have someone who works for me who's phone died and was looking at the Droid. As a perk for her good work, I told her I'd buy her the Pre (but not a Droid). Well now she's had it for less than a week and her daughter steals it all the time so she went and got her daughter one!!!! Just wanted to share.
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    May I suggest this thread to you.

    Most of us love our phones too and rave about them, but if you wanna do more I suggest giving that a look.

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