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    Good Afternoon,

    I keep trying to install the patch call duration in call log but for some reason I keep getting the IPKG error. Can someone help me please? It was working at first and then I installed a Palm update and I never got it to work again. Can someone help me please? I really need call duration.

    What is wrong with Palm geesh.... Slow down this phone should not be missing all of these minor options... Here is another problem with the Palm Pre, come on PALM. I know you can do better than that.
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    The Sprint palm pre not having call duration is a Sprint issue not a Palm issue, the software is capable of it and it was built into other versions of webOS.
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    What? So, how do I get call duration in my call log. It is a Palm issue, all my phones have call duration and all my friends phones have call duration. ALl the problems that I have with my Pre are becuase of Sprint. I don't think so... come again please. I can't even sync my notes and that is Sprint's fault. I had to install all of these patches that I never had to install on my old Palms and that is Sprint's fault to. REALLY
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    Try using the WebOS Repair utility 2.0 and then retry installing the patch via Preware.
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