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    @knobbysideup do you think the days of tinkering, rom cooking, patching, tweaking, are coming to an end as we now know it. Not to say that it will ever go away, but with win7 series and apple going to a more closed model of development and distrubition and a much more controlled user interface, one has to look down the road and wonder.

    The crazy thing is it seems to have been worth it. win7 is going to be a huge success to the general populace(probably), to the disdain of many tweakers, hackers, patchers, etc.

    what say you of the future? Is that closed, more controlled model just better for business?
    I doubt it. For one, companies are getting smart and using community-grown software to power their devices now. That software is, in WebOS's case, GPL'd, so they are kinda forced into giving back and being more open anyway.

    For another, more eyeballs means quicker fixes, new ideas, community contributions, more secure code, etc. There's also the ability for the company to focus on adapting the OS and polishing it for use with their device vs. starting from scratch over and over again as new technologies come out. The community has likely already solved most of their problems for them already. This leads to more robust operating systems and toolsets, and less expensive devices. 2 examples: SDL in the PDK, and optware.

    Open code and operating systems are a good thing for progress. Palm, at least for now, understands this. Apple doesn't (disgusting since they are basing their OS on BSD!!). Microsoft never has, and likely never will.

    I also believe that people doing it for love vs. purely for a paycheck will create much better tools, because they aren't only solving someone else's problem, but they are also solving their own.

    Sorry for the book :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    No, the technical merits of WEBOS are neither here nor there, Palm simply don't sell enough units to be a) dominant or b) simply to stay in business for much longer as an independent company.

    You can be making the best cakes in the world but if nobody takes a bite it matters not a jot.

    Microsoft have been very smart - the people who want to tinker with their phones (and I'm one of them) are a small percentage, most people want something that works and a single easy to access location to get 'approved' apps, the money is in shifting units and selling apps - it's not in having the best OS that nobody actually uses or pays for.
    Unfortunately that is too true.
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    I feel that the OS is too generic at this stage and does not cater to any specific demographic. Its not an outstanding phone, its not an outstanding media player, its not an outstanding business device, though in all these categories it is its not building a niche for itself in that sense..where people can relate to it if they want a specific task to get done...maybe a great navigation device..nope there's no navigation app for the GSM variety...maybe a great gaming device...well this can be true if there are gesture area & keyboard specific games that iphone users can get green over, maybe a great messaging & business device...nope - keyboard just doesn't cut it and PIM functions need more work...maybe a great phone..nope..speaker quality and reception arn't all that great...

    They need to focus on one thing (or all of these) and just get it right....

    Sorry but I feel deeply about this topic so the long post...I've been a longtime Palm user and I want Palm to succeed.
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