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    So, I was getting intermittent freezes, and now nothing. No response anywhere on the touch screen, or gesture area

    I've reset using Sym+R+Orange Key, and even popped out the battery, still nothing.

    The other thing I noticed is that if I tap the power button, instead of putting the display to sleep, it just makes the top bar flicker.

    I've had my phone barely a week, and haven't dropped it once. I downloaded PreWare, installed a theme, removed it, installed another, and other than the battery icon and date/time patches I haven't done much else.

    Thanks in advance!

    WebOS 1.4
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    I had this a few weeks ago and ended up getting it replaced. My Pre's touchscreen would work only when plugged in to charger. Get it replaced, don't waste your time trying to fix it or go from forum to forum like I did. I'm just saying.
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    Hey thanks for the quick reply!


    I assumed Downloading Preware voided the warranty, am I wrong?

    I have the insurance and all that, so if that's the case I'll just turn it in.

    If not I thought maybe WebOS doctor , but I can't even put it in Dev mode without the touch screen.
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    I just realized I don't need to put my Pre in Dev mode to runs WebOS doctor, just hold the volume button while bootup.

    Shud I give it a go, or is the sorta time wasting I shouldn't even bother with?

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    went to the store, got it replaced.
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