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    Since the 1.4 update, my email account has been disappearing every couple of days. I try to re-add, and it hangs on "Signing in...". The only remedy I've found is a partial reset. Which is a pain, but I need e-mail, so...

    After doing that a few times (every 2-3 days, roughly, since the update), and trying WebOS Dr (which didn't solve the problem, but on another note, did seem to help with the post-update battery life problems I was having), I checked every time that my Palm data was coming back. Tasks, memos.. I keep what I can in my google acct (contacts, calendar), but some of it is in my Palm Profile.

    Well.... yesterday, after my routine partial reset, the Palm data didn't come back! My tasks and memos were just gone.
    So, long story short.. I called Sprint, and kept getting forwarded to higher and higher level technicians, until they forwarded me to Palm, where I was then forwarded to a specialist, who was able to retrieve my data and zap it into my phone somehow. I guess they keep backups of our backup data (thank god).

    They didn't know why my email was disappearing -- not a known issue, they say. (But I *have* seen it on the Palm forums... That's how I knew to do the partial erase.)
    Anyway, just sharing my story. Anyone else having these probs?
    I still love the phone, but it's been a PITA this past couple weeks.
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    The first sign of an email problem was that my work email would receive mail, but I couldn't reply or send new mail. Then all three of my email accounts just disappeared. The Sprint store was able to get my email accounts back on the phone with a hard reset, but I still can't reply or send with my work email.
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    I have a similar problem with emails disappearing. There are other posts about this problem on this board, unfortunately I don't have enough posts to provide you with a link. If you search titles only for "Email Accounts Gone", it should be the first result.

    I used the methods discussed in that thread to get email back, and they worked, but now I'm having an issue with severe battery drain - which is a topic for another thread.

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