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    I have 5 apps I have tried and tried to get rid of. I have searched for a solution and turning the back up off and erasing did not fix it. The apps are Bestbuy, Pandora (after the update), Tictactoe for Webos, The Weather Channel, and Where. I delete the apps every way possible (orange+app, through app catalog, even WebOSQI) and they reappear after a restart, but not the updated versions, they are past versions. I turned backup off for 24 hours after deleting them and they still came back. It is annoying that they reappear and I have to update them everytime the phone restarts. Also, they do not show up in WebOSQI unless they are updated. Any ideas? I prefer not to doctor because I do not want to lose everything (texts, call log, etc.) and start from scratch.
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    did you have these apps on your phone before 1.3.5? I'm having the same issue and wondering if it's items leftover from before the emergency migration helper. i had found this thread but it is a little dated, and i'm not sure how it would affect a 1.4 device.
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    Yes, I think I did. They are some of the first apps I got.
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    Can anyone help with this problem?

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