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    I was wondering if their was a way to use mobile hotspot on my palm pre puls for free?
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    I was wondering if their was a way to use mobile hotspot on my palm pre puls for free?
    Don't think you can on Verizon, but I could be wrong.
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    Is it an alternative for mobilehotspot then?
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    MyTether is one alternative. Haven't used it as a multiple connection hotspot yet.

    Just be aware that Verizon and Sprint both charge extra for that service, so if you get caught, you stand a good chance of losing your service.
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    Has people been caught before?
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    No clue. I would guess that if you hook three laptops up to it and increase your data usage from 500mb a month or so to 20GB in the same time period, you'd have somebody knocking on your door.
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    According to the Verizon rep I spoke with (he was an ex-Sprint employee who used to own a Pre with all the patches) they can definitely tell the difference of when you're using the phone to access the internet and when you're using another device which is routing through the phone to use the internet. From what he told me, usage on the phone is truly unlimited, but when you tether or "hotspot" another device, you get a 5GB limit and they will charge you, if you don't have a plan.

    I've not tested this, but he was the first person that I spoke with at Verizon who actually seemed to know something. I would be very careful if you do tether without telling them.

    FWIW as nice as the tethering is, for that price, might as well just get a 3G/4G card, unless of course, you're planning on getting other wireless devices to connect to the internet (ie: Wii, PS, iPod, etc)

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