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    --Tried this in the Developer forum for a while, with no luck. So, now I'm here.--

    Now that Google has made their PowerMeter software available, has anyone heard of a developer (or are you a developer) interested in writing an app for webOS to make use of this technology?

    I know that Apple just recently added it to their app catalog, so I was curious how long it might take for Palm to add one.

    The API info is located here.

    Thanks in advance for any info.
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    What exactly does it do?
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    You purchase a device (one approved so far) that is installed on your home's electrical box or boxes. Then, the software allows you to monitor your home's energy consumption. It's basically a 3rd party version of the utility company's smart meter system. It gives you more options and control than if you used, say, Duke Energy's smart meter system. Granted, I'm not well-versed in Duke's system.
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    If someone buys me a device, I'll write the app to interface with Google Power Meter
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