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    Just caught the Pre Central posting of the new ad, though I found it before on another site. The site shows both the first Palm Pre ad and the new one they'll show during March Madness. The writers slight ques of mentioning Africans too much and some racist comments at the bottom aside I noticed something.

    The first Pre ad was the first one I saw on Comedy Central and CNN that reminded me of the Pre since I heard about it during the unvieling. It was beautiful, got the point across, and the actor Tamara was a bit less creepy. Then Palm switched to the ads with the actor upfront talking which made everyone pay attention to her more and get caught up with talking about how creepy the women was rather than the Palm Pre. While the new ads good and should get the point across, and maybe even boosting sales. I wish they would've used the starter ad mainly during the first Palm Pre push because it had creativity, beauty, and got some of the phones uses across without anything negative about it. Thoughts?
    ( First video is the new one, the video below it is the first Pre ad. )
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    At least they're focusing the phones capabilities FOR A CHANGE, personally I like the Mos Def song they picked for they ad.

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