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    Does Mobile Hotspot just not work on 1.4 on a pre? I cant turn it on, is that because of the update? and if it is is there an alternative tethering app? one that doesnt need an application downloaded to a computer to work, that works like mobile hotspot.
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    Moble hotspot works just fine. It doesn't need a client running on the computer either. You have to call Verizon and add the service to your payment plan.
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    well im on sprint and i had it downloaded and working on my pre on 1.3.5 and now i tried on 1.4 and it doesnt work...
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    ya it broke with the update. sorry......
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    ya it broke with the update. sorry......
    is there any other tethering app that doesnt need a client on the computer?
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    use myTether .. visit

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