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    Thought you guys might like this. Found it while unbearably bored, getting my nightly dose of unreality on Craigslist.

    Motorola Droid - $300

    Selling my Droid, almost no scratches due to very little use. There's a reason for that, don't ask me. I ignore those emails. It's a Droid, it performs like a Droid. It will not play your "movies" in HD on the bus. Pervs. Wound up with this after my store sales rep refused to let me see the Pre I was in to buy. I now have a Pre Plus, which is much nicer. No, I don't know if it plays those movies in HD either. I'm married. I don't need those. Get a life. Pervs.

    No shipping, no price cuts, no guarantees. If you buy it and hate it like all the other Droid owners I know suckered into buying it, don't whine to me.

    Thanks for looking. Oh. Here's a picture of me in a neat hat holding the Droid. Taken by my wife with my new phone. The one that the camera can be used without a science degree.

    Thanks, have a nice day!

    I almost cried, that guy will never sell his Droid, but wow.........I love it.
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    all I can say to that is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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    "without a science degree" ha that's great!
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    That's great!
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    LMAO!!!! Priceless....
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    Now that's got me thinking... I've never used a Droid for more than 2 couple minutes at a Verizon store. For those of you with more Droid experience, is the camera pretty tough?
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    priceless ad. We are not going to see one like that for some time again
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    that is pretty funny... I had no idea that users were frustrated with the camera app. I did a quick search on youtube and saw this video:

    I can see how the user can be frustrated with all those options. However, some people may like having those options - maybe Android should make an "Easy" button like my Sony Cybershot camera has. (For those users that just want to take a quick picture with auto-settings)

    What I find most disturbing in this video is how this person took 2 pictures of a red tablecloth and both came out green. What's up with that and why didn't he comment on that glaring problem?
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    I'm thinking that the flash was way too overbearing for that shot. The red was just totally washed out by the flash.

    But yeah, personally, that looks like some camera options I would like to have...
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    LMAO! That was hilarious! I'd love to know if he actually sells it.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.

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