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    I must really be clueless or the rest of the world is....

    I recently had a Palm Pre by Sprint. My wife got a 26% Verizon Discount with her new employer so I switched to Verizon and just knew the Motorola Droid was a better phone after watching my stock price fizzle down to $5.50 a share. I traded after 5 Days for a Pre Plus. She got a crackberry and it is another piece of awkward junk.

    The simple facts are the Driod is much heavier, bulkier, incompatible with my corporate email and generally nowhere as near as smooth or user-friendly as my pre was. I also liked the Driod voice apps and the shear number of apps. But, these are two things I can live without in order to have the integrated flawless performance of my new Pre Plus. And, for you "Pre" owners out there, there is not much of a difference between the two.

    Sure, I found the Driod "Touchdown" App would work with my corporate email but it is just another sacrifice (needed two mail apps for my two email accts)compared to the integrated "apple"istic approach to a Palm Pre. I guess they just haven't marketed it properly. But, I believe cream rises to the top; so if they need to fire the marketing director of Palm to save the company, move forward please, cause I am not selling my stock because Crackberries or Driods ain't got squat on a Pre. And I know Apple gets it right, but they are always a generation behind HTC products (for example) in their quest to perfect.

    The Palm Pre had none of these problems (timing, software, hardware, etc) but the marketing (I guess) is the only explainable reason.

    Let me know yours. I am curious if I am all alone on this one.
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    Well you would think that if palm wanted to get out of the financial toilet that they would be putting priority on paid apps for all countries. Sadly this is not the case in Canada or Europe yet.. so all potential revenue goes down the toilet. Just like Xbox live, much of the revenue is made off of sales of software. Right now the only country in the world that can spend money on apps is the US and no one else. So, as such, people in other countries end up buying the Iphone or blackberry so they can get the apps they want.
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    It's not just marketing. There are a number of issues with everything from selling the Pre to buying apps in America that hold this platform back.

    Sprint still wants you to pay $250 out of the door to buy this phone. Other places sell it for half that or even free. That's a problem.

    Palm has now incorporated several excellent 3D games in their App Catalog, but Sprint Pre users routinely run into "Too Many Cards" errors and can't play the games or do anything else without restarting and waiting a few minutes. You go through this once, That's a problem.

    The Sprint hardware situation has never been corrected and there are tons of junky refurbs going out to Pre owners or being resold every day. Creates a horrible first impression on a phone that already has a comparatively cheap feel. That's a problem.

    Oh, and the ads suck as well, even the latest one. Big problem.
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    I think you forgot the U in discount...........

    $250 at Sprint? Where are you looking? $150 tops for new customers or eligible upgraders. $250 if you don't want to mess with a rebate on an upgrade. Sell your old phone back, I got $70 for my 800w, Pre wound up costing me $70 with a little runaround.

    I have to agree, Palm hasn't had the marketing out there that Verizon has. But, consider the limitations. Palm is a small company, always has been. Not a whole lot of money there to dump on massive ad campaigns at a steady rate. Sprint, as well, is fighting off a poor reputation, and the news stories aren't helping. Verizon and ATT have perpetually positive stories and reviews, very little in the way of negatives like churn. Sprint, on the other hand.......the majority of reports I see about them focus on loss of customers, stock performance, loss of customers, drops in revenue, poor speculation on lifespan, loss of customers.........but hardly anything positive. Couple Verizon with an impossible to avoid brand recognition, Motorola as a name that's as common as Kleenex, and a heavily marketed Android OS, you kinda know where this is going.........Palm came out of the gate with two strikes against them already, and fighting off the third with a sales-killing lag between PalmOS and WebOS.

    I'm sure it will get better for them, it has in the past, but then again, how many times can you hold off obscurity before you finally lose the fight? I love Palm, I want to see them succeed, but I also love Robin guitars. Heard of them? Probably not. Those that have will never switch, even during down times, so they hold on. But they'll never rival Fender or Gibson for sales, and they're a hard sell. Shops that want to make money push the major brands hard, and kinda shrug off "hey, what's that neat looking geetar over there?" questions.
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    I think you forgot the U in discount...........
    It was actually just some transposed letters... switching the "c" and the "o"...
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    It was actually just some transposed letters... switching the "c" and the "o"...
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    Well, I have an open mind. But, I am right on this one. Palm Pre is the sleekest, most user-friendly, integrated (mail, calender, etc), most reliable phone on the market right now.

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