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    A line just appeared in my camera view which transfers to the picture. I did a restart. Anyone see anything similar? Very disappointing....May be another quality issue?
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    Did you have a look at the physical lens?

    What about an example?
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    i'm thinking either dust or scratch on lens
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    Thanks for your reply's but here is an update.....another quality issue. I spent a lot of time on the phone last night with Palm and the camera is defective. The line on my screen is about the thickness of a credit card and it extends from the Verizon name down to the keyboard. We tried to doctor it but it was unrepairable.

    Now I have to play Russian roulette (sp?). Will I get a refurb, a new phone that works or phone with other issues????? I will know on Thursday.
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    Typically a line is a bad scan row in the CCD or CMOS, and almost always hardware. Hopefully you will get a good replacement. My wife's refurb was an improvement.
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