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    Hello Everyone,

    I just got a new Palm Pre Plus in the mail and I have been playing with it all day. I have a few movies/videos on my computer and I would like put them on my Pre. How do I import these videos into the phone and what format should I convert them so they play on my Palm Pre. Thanks!

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    .mp4 videos formatted for Ipod work well.
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    you can just drag and drop them into the pre in usb mode provided that they're in .mp4 format
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    If you're using windows, the absolute easiest way to sync your phone with music/videos/pods/etc, that I've found is through DoubleTwist. You can download it here:

    It's basically an iTunes replica for just about every other device. When you connect your palm to your computer, select either "Media Sync" or "USB Drive". Either will start the app up (once you've installed it) and all you need to do is just drop your music in the directory called "My Music" in Windows and then press the Sync button. Also, you can drop whatever videos you want (in whatever format or size) in "My Videos" and Double Twist will automatically convert the video to the perfect size for the Pre. Works great and no other programs needed!

    Good luck!

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